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Not quite the same but my dd (15) seems to look upon my best friend (known her about 10 months) as her friend as well.

She'll texts her about her day, has rang her for lifts, has stayed at hers when I work (I do nights).

I am very worried of what his parents or others would think of me and whether this is weird...

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My daughter is friends with a 19 year old social work student and her boyfriend who I think is 22, they will be going to Reading festival together which I am happy about as I know they will keep an eye on her.When i was 17 i had friends who were 28 and no one said anything.The only thing I'd say is if you think he may be neglecting his other friends to see you then maybe encourage him to spend time with others so he doesn't become so dependant on you but apart from that carry on what you're doing!Never occurred to me to think that there was anything 'funny' about it xx I wouldn't be worried about what his parents think, if they're inviting you round for meals and allowing you to sleep over they clearly don't mind.I think you're worrying over nothing, you seem like a great role model to him and can offer life advice whether its about sports, relationships or how to get into your profession.

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