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Perhaps more accurately, a home that combines some aspects of the Georgian that I love, but which is inspired by French architecture but does not slavishly emulate it.In some ways, what I like seems to combine aspects of both French design with perhaps a little English influence. However, what struck me even more was Stefan’s description: the house (designed by Paul Cret, a French architect), was built between a Louis XV house and a Georgian style house.Hays Town (1903-2005), was one of the first house that I saved into my architecture inspiration files.I included the house on my post on green doors, and was delighted when an architect who had apprenticed to Mr.

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This beautiful home, designed by Louisiana architect A.

They are not old, but they have interesting shape and character.

I love the texture that they give to the exterior of Lori’s home. I often walk my dog in this area, and was shocked one day to see what had been a red brick house was suddenly painted white (Benjamin Moore Ballet White –OC 9; the shutters are Benjamin Moore 977 Brandon beige – the colors were selected by Rodolfo and interior designer Jessica Bradley).

Town emailed me and said that he had worked on this home.

He said that the house has a brick exterior, and had a ‘mortar wash’ technique in which the bricks are loosely set, then the mortar is rubbed into the exterior creating a unique and beautiful layer.

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