Akanishi jin boa dating

An eyewitness has revealed that on one night in the VIP section of a certain club in Minami-Aoyama*, Akanishi Jin had been seen interacting with Japanese pop star Crystal Kay, who was wearing a grey jacket.

There is a possibility that Yamashita Tomohisa may be arrested!

What follows is this: Yamapi and Akanishi tried to calm down Nishikido, who was still spewing threats.

But the opposing group got excited and said “If we stay here, we’ll get noticed by the press.” So, they moved to a back alley where no one was around.

Beautiful woman stays over at Nishikido Ryo’s home; wearing no makeup, she accompanies him on outing to Origin Bento and Ion Supermarket It has been reported that Nishikido Ryo was seen taking a beautiful woman into his home, which is also reportedly the same home he shares with Aragaki Yui.

Nishikido was seen driving a black SUV with a tall, long legged beautiful woman in the passenger seat. The woman, who was not wearing heels is assumed to have a height that surpasses 170 cm. Nishikido then followed the woman to a nearby convenience store, where they bought cigarettes. There, they bought bananas, soumen, a lemon and vegetables, among other items [who the heck was following them to know what they bought? They then returned to Origin Bento where they ate the food they ordered.

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