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If you went to one of the top universities in Shanghai or Beijing (or even better if it’s one of the top universities in American/England/Australia) then you’ve got a better chance of landing a good job and gaining more face for yourself and your parents. In China they have parks where the older folk go to advertise their sons, daughters, nieces and nephews. In these parks, People plaster signs in these park that display a person’s hight, salary, university, and even age.

I personally was at a park a few years back doing Kung Fu when an older guy approached me to talk before telling me that his granddaughter worked in a bank, giving me her contact details, and writing mine down to give to her.

We Chat, the Chinese messaging app, has apologised for translating “black foreigner” into the N-word.

Having said that, I feel I must also throw out that Chinese girls do have a lot more going on than you think.

It’s a Chinese habit to only open up to friends — sharing a lot about your life with strangers isn’t very normal.

You end up with most people putting on the same front.

Below the surface, though, is a decent amount of individuality and it can be coaxed forth.

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