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As planning to mark the anniversary continues, The Sunday Telegraph is continuing its Lest We Forget campaign, to ensure the country’s memorials are in a fitting state for commemorations.

I want to tell you now Sir I want to tell you now sir Before it’s all forgot That we were up at Wipers [Ypres] And found it very hot Anon On army forms ‘Tommy’s’ the name he bears But in the ranks this Monica’s no good If he’s a Murphy, whatever he cares He’ll get no other name than ‘Spud’.

I nod and stand, looking at her as she sits up and watches me, anticipating what I will do. As I slide back out, I hear a slurping noise coming from her pussy. " Mom almost yells as I wait with the tip of my cock at her pussy.If you have ideas for something you want to see comment or message me and I'll see if there is a way to work it in. I'll meet you in the hot tub." As she walks and I begin to remove my shirt, I watch her ass sway side to side. With each movement up and down, her large tits bound up and down, becoming a mesmerizing sight. ***** Mom walks into the room in her tight white dress. She turns the lights in her room on and leads me to the balcony overlooking the ocean. She asks, "You need help or are you going to do this yourself? I answer, "I got this." Mom nods and walks away, saying, "Good. Then she moves herself up again before beginning to rapidly ride my cock.The works include several containing strong language.One of the men’s favourite targets for humour is the German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, who is blamed for the outbreak, as well as their French allies.

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