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Thank you so much.”The problem with this issue and others like it is that people tend to seek council of men who will say what they want to hear / fits with their circumstances/lifestyle – rather than what God says – and we all do it – Ive done it.Jesus didn’t say to the woman at the well – go back and marry all your ex-husbands – he said go and sin no more – ie move forward.So until one searches for, and finds the real thing – it will be impossible to recognise a counterfeit – and you will always say “who can know?”What employer would give someone a job who could not be bothered to study, look smart, buy a suit, get to the interview, pass the interview and have a good knowledge of their potential employer? Thankfully there is however such a thing as grace so our mistakes and laziness can be overlooked by God if we love Him and love truth wherever we find it.The marriage did not necessarily end due to the unfaithful acts.My questions are: 1) since my fiance committed an act ofunfaithfulness towards his former wife, is he then always considered an adulterer, even if he has repented of his sin?But here’s where we find ourselves in regard to healing in this world; The world has chosen the itself over Him, and fallen accordingly.

3) IF I marry him, will I then be committing sin and be considered an adulterer?

If you have you can email them to us here anonymously and we will post an answer also anonymously.

Anything from singleness, how best to meet other Christians, should you only date other believers, to love, to sex before marriage, to compatibility.

And never forget as I mentioned before – we are ALL adulterers in God’s eyes.

This is a harsh teaching from Jesus but I think the whole point of marriage is commitment – and there is no real commitment if we feel there is always an option to bail out. I wasn’t sure myself until I did a bit of research – and here’s what I found.

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