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I thought the 1150 maybe would be in the 55 and the difference would be the no school tax simular to sun city and sun city west in az. Then in the 90's the the explosive growth of Walmart due to their Superstore concept, brought growth in all of Northwest Arkansas and slowly, but surely, working professionals began to find Bella Vista appealing.I also thought I read that Hot Springs had changed there status from 55 to an all age community. It was close to Walmart's home office in Bentonville, and with the golf courses and lakes and other amenities, as well as the cost of housing, Bella Vista looked inviting, even if it were full of seniors, so the demographics began to change.No idea when it's supposed to all come together though, but at least now you can see it progressing...Hello, About a year ago in 2014 we start searching for homes in your area that were 55 plus only.I couldn't tell you the numbers, but there are plenty of single seniors in the area, both male and female. probably more then average in a city our size, since nearly half our population is made up of seniors.If you're thinking of coming for a visit, I'd shoot for spring or early's beautiful around here then.Now when I look on Realtor, Zillow, and any of the major real estate sites, they do not state for 55 plus only. I cannot differentiate between the two Bella Vista communities no age limit vs 55.Houses we have been looking at near 125k I have seen property taxes at 1700 on some and 1150 on others. Because of the lack of jobs in the area in the early years (Pre Wal-Mart) only those looking to retire could settle here so that was the target market and we quickly became known as a retirement destination.

----- Original Messages ----- Dustie, I am planning to visit there in March or April, to check out the community to possibly move there in the future.

Bella Vista itself has a few restaurants, a couple really good Grocery Stores and limited other shopping.

But with Wal-Mart about 5 miles North over the Missouri line and everything Bentonville/Rogers has to offer just to the South, we have all we need without messing up our Beautiful Natural City with commercial property.

We're a city of 25,000 folks, but spread out over 50 sq acres with a goodly portion of it through the forests of the Ozark Hills, you'd never know it.

We have the best of both worlds...vacation like living all the time surrounded by nature with access to all the major shopping, dining and entertainment when wanted. There's a lot of construction going on just to the South of us.

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