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Engage your abs to brace your lower back as you lift the bar. Slowly lower the barbell down toward the middle of your shins. Maintain this position throughout the entire exercise.

Curl your heels toward your glutes, then spend three seconds pressing both heels away from your body, back to the start position. rest How to do it: Position both knees roughly hip-width apart, and place both knees on a mat or pad for comfort.

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“At the top of the movement, squeeze your glutes together to ensure you don’t arch or drop your lower back,” Ibrahim says.Lie down with your back and palms flat on the floor. Dig your working heel into the ball as you curl it toward your glutes.Place your heels on top of the ball, then lift one leg straight in the air (or bent with toes flexed toward your head). Reverse the motion, and press the Swiss ball away from your glutes to the start position. rest How to do it: Set up a resistance band or cable pulley at ankle height.Straddle the cable/band between your legs, and face away from the column.Grab the end and walk away from the anchor point until you feel some resistance.

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