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Naomi had a male relative nearby, so Ruth took the initiative to scavenge in his field in an attempt to attract his attention and escape poverty—but also to avoid being assaulted by men working the fields, as Naomi told her she might be if she went to the field of a stranger..

She sneaked into his house at night and lay at his feet while he was sleeping—a far cry from the dating advice of many pastors.

Of course, there’s also Esther, who used her polygamous marriage to a brutal king as a political tool to save lives, which is a rather complicated tale!

So we’re left with Ruth, often painted as a gentle, submissive woman who meets the man of her dreams—the Bible’s answer to a fairy tale maiden who becomes a princess.

More often than not, you’ll find that love mirrors our reality in many cases within biblical stories.

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In fairness, single women hear a lot about Ruth because there aren’t hundreds of stories about prominent single women in the Bible, particularly not stories about single women getting married.

Watch the field where the men are harvesting, and follow along after the women.

When two people fall in love it’s a beautiful thing.

The Book of Ruth provides many relationship lessons that perpetuate the meaning of true love.

Whatever you believe about the Biblical roles of men and women in society, if you’ve spent much time in a church singles group, you might agree with me that they’re typically not hot spots of healthy dating activity.

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