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If you notice something (or someone) that seems out of place, use your smart phone to take a photo of the license plate and report suspicious people and activities to the police. When we first moved here we started reading the newspaper online.Living in a resort location skews criminal statistics because of the transient nature and large numbers of petty criminals that frequent the place.The high resolution cameras have helped the Myrtle Beach Police Department solve a number of crimes.More importantly, having the cameras in place is a safety that will deter future criminal behavior.However, if you account for that appropriately, I don't believe the crime statistics are that far out of line with what you might see in similarly sized communities that are not resort-driven.So sure, if you read the news every day, and if you try to compare it to the statistics in say, Xenia, Ohio, then you may walk away feeling like we live in a cesspool of crime.

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NY has a lot of tourists coming and going, but have the stereotype that his is Crime City.

In reality the crime is either petty or, when it is violent, yends to be domestic in natureor at least violence perpetrated or known individuals. Here's something important to keep in mind: In crimes that don't have an immediate "solution", the local law enforcement organizations are VERY competent and amazingly successful in "getting their man" (or woman).

There have been countless occasions where some perp is at-large on a Tuesday, and by Thursday the news is reporting that he's behind bars eating his moldy bread and drinking dank water.

Faily often, tourists will drop their safety precautions during vacation.

Therefore, be certain you've locked your vehicle and secure anything of value (do not leave anything visible through a car window), be aware of your surroundings as you usually are, and many concerns will be minimized.

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