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A rhino is what you get when you combine the supportive powers of a Mage with the tankiness of a Bear.

You heal the sick, revive the dead, and walk through the fires of hell receiving barely a scratch.

The Fine Crystal Ring of Life may seem off, but 3 M/s is godly especially for lower levels.

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Bosses will moan as they (very slowly) fall to your toothless attack, while you neutralize every single move in their arsenal.

Since the rhino is a team player (a good way of saying we suck solo) it is vital to join and host parties.

Birds and foxes are good friends because you can keep them alive and they can kill bosses. Bossing Due to your overflowing armors and ridiculous dodging, bosses might find you difficult to kill.

You will still do fine by always prioritizing Dodge, Crit, M/s, and Armor.

And for damage get the highest one-handed weapon you can buy.

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