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“Always believed it’s the replacement part that’s tripped us up,” Graham said on the call, referring to the “repeal and replace” mantra that Republicans used for years against President Barack Obama’s health care law.Seeking support for his own legislation, he said: “With all its imperfections, I hope you can.” Graham and President Donald Trump have a history of bad blood, dating back to 2015 when the South Carolina senator called Trump a “jackass” for challenging his friend Mc Cain’s heroism in the Vietnam War.As Pennsylvania and other states began cracking down on the proliferation of these loans in the 1990s, Hallinan’s companies forged partnerships with established banks and American Indian tribes to take advantage of loopholes that allowed those entities to charge higher interest rates to borrowers across the country.His influence helped to transform a business once dominated by storefront locations in low-income urban areas into an explosive money-maker that could, through the internet, make loans to a new pool of potential customers.Trump responded by giving out the senator’s private cellphone number and later branded him a “poor, poor, pathetic man.” But in the last-ditch GOP attempt to upend Obamacare, Graham is counting on help from the president.“I talk with President Trump three times a day,” he said on the call.“Mafioso figures breaking someone’s legs in an alley to collect a loan — that’s loan-sharking,” said Dennis Cogan, who along with attorney Christopher Warren is representing Neff.

“I believe they’re going to prove that it’s a sham …

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Everyone will be held accountable.” Graham made his comments in a cellphone call in front of a passenger at Reagan National Airport before he boarded a flight.

A reference to working “for Arizona” suggests Graham was talking to his good friend John Mc Cain.

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