Consolidating software

Accounts IQ gives you a clear view through your Group accounts in real time, in just one click, and in any currency you choose. By linking the range of branch-level ledger codes to a common set of group codes, Accounts IQ allows your subsidiaries to enjoy individual coding structures while you retrieve and drill down through the data that you need, in just one click, at any time.Accounts IQ’s consolidation accounting software can be installed as a stand-alone reporting module where trial balances are imported before consolidation, or it can be used by each subsidiary as its primary accounting system then linked into the overall Group structure for consolidation. Financial consolidation, Accounts consolidation, Currency Translation Reserve, SEBI, Schedule VI, Schedule III, AS 11, AS 21, AS 23, AS 27, AS 3, Cash flow, Consolidated Cash Flow, Segment reporting, Quarterly report, Annual report, IFRS, US GAAP, Indian GAAP, MCA, XBRL, Minority Interest, Intra group elimination, Goodwill calculation, Notes to Accounts, Clause 41 advertisement, Ratio analysis, Financial reporting, What are the products in accounts consolidation?, Accounts consolidation software, Multi-location multi-currency consolidation, Group companies, Financial reporting, Consolidation of accounts The implementation consists of proving to you that e Merge™ does the job accurately.We have gained time thanks to the evaluation possibilities and comfortable data recording based on interfaces to SAP and Excel.

Furthermore, data can be collected, validated and correlated on a decentralised basis via the web using the Luca Net. In this way, all predefined structures can be adapted to the group‘s individual requirements at any time. Source systems overview Our working structures have been simplified in many respects since the introduction of Luca Net.It gives you instant access to information on currency gains and losses.And it allows you to produce reports in headquarters currency or the entity’s local currency.Typically priced for larger businesses, great consolidation accounting software is a Group Accountant’s dream.Unfortunately, these complex applications are out of reach for many growing enterprises, who are still trying to consolidate using spreadsheets.

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