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However, it is not a time-sensitive visit, and can be completed up to 12 months after Visit 7. Visit 9 (54 months) - This occurs 18 months after Visit 7 (36 months).It is a longer visit, being similar to the 0, 18, and 36 month visits.Before getting started, be sure to configure a database connection in Once you have created a model and its associated database table, you are ready to start retrieving data from your database.Think of each Eloquent model as a powerful query builder allowing you to fluently query the database table associated with the model.Each database table has a corresponding "Model" which is used to interact with that table.

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The Eloquent ORM included with Laravel provides a beautiful, simple Active Record implementation for working with your database.Laravel's own soft delete functionality utilizes global scopes to only pull "non-deleted" models from the database.Writing your own global scopes can provide a convenient, easy way to make sure every query for a given model receives certain constraints. Define a class that implements the Local scopes allow you to define common sets of constraints that you may easily re-use throughout your application.Cases enrolled to the interim extension, and cases not yet at the end of the initial 3 years, can be continued in the project.The interim extension can be used for recent onset cases who have completed 3 years of follow-up, before the full extension has been fully set up: This involves a maximum of 2 visits: Visit 8 (42 months) - This occurs around 6 months after Visit 7 (36 months).

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