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But some common signs include having trouble with social interactions, repetitive behavior, extra-sensitivity to light, sound, smell, and touch, and emotional detachment.To get a better sense of what dating on the spectrum is like IRL— and not just on Netflix — talked to women in their late teens and early 20s to find out.The key is understanding and not being afraid to ask questions.“Before my diagnosis at 21, I had already been dating my boyfriend for a year and we’d already known each other for five,” says 23-year-old Hannah Sharples.“At that point, he was very much aware of my difficulties socializing and communicating.When we first met, my behavior was very awkward and obsessive.” Because they were already close, she wasn’t nervous to tell him about her autism — and he was super supportive.

(And no, you can’t always tell.)“I told my ex-boyfriend I was autistic after we had been dating for 18 months and he freaked out,” says 17-year-old Jennifer Lewis.He’s able to calm me down.”Twenty-year-old *Tina says because communication is already tricky, it’s important to be explicitly clear.“I like categorizations, so not knowing what a relationship is — what we are — is not a good idea.”Someone who is autistic might have a different idea of a perfect date than someone who isn't, too.Dropping the A bomb Teens with autism meet people the same way everyone else does: at school, through friends, online.It’s not like the autism world is a little clique where autistic people only date each other.

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