Dating girlfriends san andreas

You get several seconds ofbreathing space if you take out the helicopter and everybody who's shooting atyou." I'll add that part of the risk in having C. get a girlfriend in an off limitarea is that the girlfriend can be killed quickly by the storm of bullets sentin C. Maybe - I suppose I should test that idea since it allows opening the Fast-Food places so CJ can fatten up for Barbara and Michelle.

Oh, and as far as 4 star dating goes, it doesn't appear to make any difference.

Does this mean two-timing dates have been disabled, or do I have to actually go to her house? Take her to eat at the pizza joint in Palomino Creek.

When CJ spawns outside again quickly dash into the Ammu-Nation next door to cancel the date.

drive his date away without letting the jealousgirlfriend's car get near his. to Katie, and Katie insulted Denise: "Look--a talking pig." Then both girlfriends disappeared. took Katieinside the diner, he drove her up the stairs to the street and her house. I'll try to summarize without getting into technical details. This is what I think is happening based on limited testing.

I've been messing around with the Two-Timing dates in hope of collecting their BP/EP/FP/DP cars (see:

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