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The focus of the site is a large transformer stone which bears the name Xá:ytem.

This has come to be used for the ancient village site that has been excavated in the surrounding field.

The first contact between the Stó:lō and Europeans was indirect, through the transmission of infectious disease via other Native Americans.

This period extends from 3,000 years ago to first contact with European people.

New forms of ground stone technology, including slate knives, slate points, hand mauls, nephrite chisels, and nephrite adzes, are evidence of an increasingly specialized society evolving during this period.

Contemporary Stó:lō elders describe their connection to the land in the statement "we have always been here." They tell of their arrival in S'ólh Téméxw as either Tel Swayel ("sky-born" people) or as "Tel Temexw" ("earth-born people) and through the subsequent transformations of ancestral animals and fish such as the beaver, mountain goat, and sturgeon.

Xexá:ls (transformers) fixed the world ("made it right") and the people and animals in it, creating the present landscape.

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