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A women's history."In the late 1970s, Svetlana Alexievich set out to write her first book, The Unwomanly Face of War, when she realized that she grew up surrounded by women who had fought in the Second World War but whose stories were absent from official narratives.

An interview with Svetlana Gerasimenko, who along with Klim Churyumov, discovered Rosetta's comet, in September 1969.

There have been other missions which provided valuable scientific results about comets and our Solar System, but those were short-term missions providing a transient meeting with comets and allowing only remote investigations.

We measured all of the plates and sent a telegram with its coordinates to Brian Marsden at the International Astronomical Union. He said that the object was new and he calculated six variations of its orbit, because there was not enough observational data to be more certain. The very first night I took photographs of all six possible locations. All of my friends in Alma-Ata were happy for me and congratulated me. " In 1973, Svetlana moved to Dushanbe and started working at the Institute of Astrophysics in the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, where she continued to study comets and other small Solar System objects.

When Marsden calculated the orbit and sent the ephemerides to other observatories, it turned out that it was also on negatives obtained in August, a month earlier than our observation. In 1975, Svetlana was awarded a medal for the "discovery of new astronomical objects", and in 1995 asteroid 3945 was named in her honour.

THE TIMES, TELEGRAPH, GUARDIAN, OBSERVER and ECONOMIST BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2017' A must read' - Margaret Atwood' Extraordinary.

it would be hard to find a book that feels more important or original' - Viv Groskop, Observer The long-awaited translation of the classic oral history of Soviet women's experiences in the Second World War - from the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature"Why, having stood up for and held their own place in a once absolutely male world, have women not stood up for their history? After completing the manuscript in 1983, Alexievich was not allowed to publish it because it went against the state-sanctioned history of the war.

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