Deal your friend dating your crush

Regardless of how intoxicated you are by the fantasy that everything will magically work out, it's important to keep a fun little crush in check, lest it mushroom into this uncontrollable, unreciprocated desire for somebody who has no interest in a complicated relationship.2. For example, crushing on a coworker eight years your junior does not fall under the same level of "wrong" that crushing on your sister's husband does.

In the case of the former, it might be less wrong than it is complicated.

Pretty bad — you could end up with a broken nose and one less friend.

Flirting with the cute boss could invite office gossip and compromise your professionalism.

If you decide that the neighborhood playboy isn't ridden with STDs and can, in fact, be tamed, then don't let risk aversion stop you.

Otherwise, why would he be curious about her texting habits?

But what if you're not sure which category you fall into?

What if you identify as heterosexual, or thought you did, but you're having some feelings that might be described as more-than-friendly for your female friend?

Regardless of who you're crushing on, we recommend that you comfirm someone's availability before taking the plunge. Think about the consequences of indulging your feelings.

How bad would it be to flirt with your best friend's girl?

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