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Using graphite and synthetic polymer paint he carefully constructs narratives that challenge conventional images and endow his subjects with a common humanity.The blinding light of the desert environment renders a new way of seeing and elicits a gentle interrogation of the nature of what is accepted as realism.When Jason Webb and I arrived at Wigley’s Waterhole where I’d planned the setting, recent rain had stirred the water and inadvertently, provided the answer. Sisyphus FW17698 130 x 125cms 2016 Maybe it was revisiting Camus’s, mantra provided the metaphor for the hero’s ceaseless rock-rolling to a mountaintop where it falls back on its own weight.

The struggle to ‘heights’ IS enough to fill our hearts, each atom of stone, each mineral flake of the night-filled mountain, forms a world.

When I was told about the damage done to the cars and asked if I’d photograph the damage to help with a report to the police I started thinking of a painting. Edward Neal was happy to echo the pose of the driver in Tansey’s piece only I wanted Edward’s hands to express astonishment at the levitating, intact, or reborn, vehicle.

Deep Waters FW17697 113 x 95cms 2016 Narcissus was out hunting one day when Echo saw and fell in love with him. She had never seen anyone as beautiful and declared her love for him.

But it’s the comfort and health benefits that really make CSPs so compelling.

“They were far more comfortable than I expected, like fluffy vagina blankets,” says Suzy Billinghurst, 35, a cloth devotee who switched after “years of yeast infections and horribly painful periods”.

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