Ex boyfriend internet dating sites addiction

I think I was in denial about what was really happening -- he has been being sexual with other women, even if it's on the phone or computer, which makes me very uncomfortable -- so now I have stopped having sex with him.

I found out that he is into porn and subcribes to two porn sites, and I also found out that he had a profile on a different site.So these are my questions: How am I supposed to be supportive?I'm pretty sure that saying something like "Thanks, honey, for not betraying me or our relationship today" is not the way to go. Should I try to trust him or is that just being stupid? I keep saying the next time it happens I have to end the relationship. There's no way to convey an entire relationship in an email message.It has happened five times and I haven't ended the relationship. I love him but I don't want to "enable" him and I don't want to be used or manipulated either.Post edited by: stepzero, at: 11/08/2011 AM My heart goes out to you, as I am a porn addict and have put my wife through a living hell.

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