Good taglines for dating profiles

Now that is a thing of the past, along with glancing at actual encyclopedias, as Wikipedia, which covers virtually everything with a holistic entry and is constantly expanding, is the new household reference book.

While it isn’t any good for scholarly research, though it often requires every fact be cited and attributed to a source, it is unrivaled as a source of instant enlightenment.

More often than not you merely learned two facts about something at a time then walked away.

Better to chat to the tune of agreed upon background music, or flip through each others’ record collections to find out about that person (at least as far as music relates to their personality).

Remember when online encyclopedias like allowed you to look up anything you could in a multi-volume set (plus video and soundbites!

Steaming websites like Hulu do the industry a solid by inserting commercials into the videos they stream, while still clipping off the price tag.

Cable providers, themselves, even allow cable subscribers to watch programming online, another incentive to carry the service in-home.

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