Negatives of consolidating student loans

Follow up on this offer, especially if the notice cites a negative entry in your credit reports that you didn’t know about, or your score is lower than you expected.Inaccuracies are fairly common: About 1 in 4 consumers have errors on their credit reports that might affect their scores, according to a 2012 Federal Trade Commission study, the most recent such information available.Once you get a copy of your credit report, review it carefully.

And while it’s a low-cost state, it also a place where living a healthy, happy life in retirement can be challenging.Do you dream of retirement as a kind of permanent vacation that you’ll begin once your working days are done?Bankrate looked at costs, weather, health care, crime, taxes, culture and a few other factors and found these are the states that are no picnic for Americans seeking that carefree life when they retire.Scores lowest for: Arkansas’ drawbacks beat out its positives for seniors, including some of cheapest living costs in the country — very fitting for the state that’s home to Wal-Mart.Retirees also will find a relatively high population of people their age.

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