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When you’re a child and something bad happens and your parents aren’t around, it causes anxiety and fear. When life is good and fun, the button is turned off.As a child, we pick our nose, play in the dirt, and explore the world around us in all of its capacity. Miguel plays games, hides his true intentions, and manipulates women to stay in a relationship with him.His beliefs about relationships cause him to naturally attract women who also play games and manipulate people. When she met Tom, a man who respected her, he quickly lost interest because she behaved in ways that made him see her as needy and helpless. Time and time again, my clients display clear patterns that what you believe about yourself and your romantic partners directly determines who you fall in love with and how healthy that relationship is.This can range from how we regulate our emotions during relationship conflicts to how we seek support and intimacy (or not).It impacts how we choose to handle conflict, communicate our needs, and express our sexuality. We are biologically driven to form attachments with others.

Do you tell your partner when you’re hurt, or do you just expect them to read your mind?

Attachment gave us a survival advantage from an early age.

If our parents were not attached to us, we’d never get food and we’d die..

I even picked up the first 10 calls to tell her I loved her and how much our relationship mattered to me.

Here’s the kicker: I’d call incessantly too if I was uncomfortable, or if I didn’t trust them.

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