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Each child is another notch on Jim Bob’s headboard, walking and talking proofs of his masculine virility.

Despite this fascination with Michelle’s fertility, there is a critical question that no one ever seems to be ask on camera: just how fragile is the boundary between the loss of a woman’s reproductive control over her body and the loss of her sexual control over her body?

The foundation of the Duggars’ fame is the fecundity of Michelle Duggar.

Even the name of the show changes as she gives birth again and again and again.

Other ATI beliefs that I learned range from utterly bizarre to downright barbaric, like the creator of Cabbage Patch Kid dolls is actually a Satanic wizard who implants demons into the dolls that then sneak into children’s bodies while they are sleeping — along with the old standard that rock music is inherently sinful.

One boy from our church would walk around supermarkets with his fingers plugged into his ears to prevent himself from hearing it.

These are not romance novels that encourage fantasies about an “ideal” mate, but rather the story of God-driven, father-approved courtship. Click on the word COURTSHIP in the sidebar to find all 5 parts of the story.

Unlike most of the writers covering the Duggar sex scandal, I was raised in Advanced Training Institute (ATI), the fundamentalist Christian organization with which the family is affiliated.

Women and mothers working outside of the home is absolutely forbidden in ATI no matter what the financial situation of the family.In this excerpt from America Tonight, correspondent Adam May visits the Flanderses to talk about their lifestyle and gender roles. Stories of courtship to encourage young people growing up in courtship-only families.Have you ever wondered why every Duggar woman perms her hair?It’s because Gothard taught us that curly hair brings out a woman’s natural beauty.

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