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Return e-mail should be along the lines of "It has come to our attention that you have been using our material. They want a career and they are going right off the idea of children. True: islam is the most old fashioned religion of them all.

For continued support please deposit 00 is said bank account..."Anonymous: people are this stupid, I worked for a fortune 500 company and a bunch of managers came to me one day, they wanted a picture stolen from a WOW add shopped so the color schism matched their company logo for an ad, i said uhh i cant do that. Whereas in the middle east, women put up and shut up and make babies to be indoctrinated into the crazy teachings of islam. you havent evolved in the 1200 or so years youve been around. Sadly the west has no choice unless it starts fucken like rabbits and sending it's children to war.

Before speaking with Gene or agreeing to the 250 caps ensure you quick save and have a Charisma level of 6 as there is a persuasive element to the conversation.

such things as infant mortality rate can't sum up the quality of a nation's entire healthcare system. Anonymous: Socialsim DOES exist - For Willi Bill Bob (proably black dude) - the simple test is - see the state of niggers in Africa and see it in America - now why are the American nigger so fat, nay OBESE as opposed to anywhere in africa (except South Africa) where it is also socialist and whiotes pay 95% of all the taxes and NIggers get 80% of the benefits? You wouldn't know socialism if it slapped your zit filled face. He's only pandering to the Republitard voting base. why aren't his vaunted christian values doing anything to prevent all those 'decent' men and women from seeking out and perusing porn sites?

No one is going to bomb them into oblivion, we have already lost. Oh, wait, during the inquistion, 8 MILLION PEOPLE were tortured to death by the Catholic church after being accused of witchcraft and heresy.: Hmm, sppose the islam does 'win' and is thaught in all nations, then i will give it about 200 years for its value to be reduced as chatolism is reduced in western states.

It is simply the time frame you are living in, global communication, media, economy, and science that WILL break down every religion, and scientists are getting help from unexpected side, namely the extremists.

I see you still haven't learned to spell, or form a cohernt sentence yet. He also makes a lot of noise about how "God" has been removed from our schools and government. Oh, and by the way, how does he even know about all these nasty sites, telepathy, or heavy usage? You have niether the inclanation or the sexual drive to out breed the middle east.

Why don't you just crawl back into your mother's basement, and eat the rest of that 3 day old pizza? In hundreds of years, or maybe just decades, "he" will be moved into a Smithsonian Museum on Mars. : all i can say is that dude just threw a hell of a lot of votes out of the fucking window. nobody can trust a man in the whitehouse that despises pornography. : first stick a bayonet down his throat then a dick and make him swallow his own blood mixed with your cum and shit (assuming you shti yourself while having an orgasm and it slid down your dick into his mouth)Anonymous: yall laughing now. Your nations will decline and you will run out of fit young men to keep the middle east under control.

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