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Now a member of the economics faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, Professor Miguel is bringing a fresh perspective to the debate over reducing global poverty. One side believes in the “poverty-trap” hypothesis, which says that the world’s poorest societies are incapable of providing themselves with even the most fundamental preconditions of economic growth.All too often, foreign assistance winds up lining the pockets of embezzlers, warlords, and thieves.Even if it does reach people in need, it provides a short-term fix that does not translate into long-term prosperity and material independence.04/11/2016Fisman, a behavioral economics professor, and Sullivan, editorial director of Harvard Business Review Press, have created an entertaining overview of economic thought from WWII to the 2000s.Declaring the modern world to be “in the midst of a grand social experiment that has elevated efficiency above all other virtues,” the authors set out to investigate how the market has affected people’s lives and ways of thinking.

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