Real life internet dating horror stories

– Philly culture editor Jenny De Huff has agreed to let me share.

A few things about me: I’ve been on since late June.

All but the last 10 minutes out of three months were to the good. I mean, what guy in his 60s doesn’t look forward to be catfished by a “woman” – well, maybe – who claims to be 29-year-old, thigh deep in the ocean, wearing a wet T-shirt and a smile, even though there are 20 versions of “her” with identical pictures and identical profiles – allegedly living in 20 different states?

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He will always help, support me and I promise to give him my love and my care.

FB rants are not just my coping method: My writer colleague and pal, Tara Nurin, back to online dating recently on OKcupid, is doing the same thing on her FB timeline. Within reason, I tell my followers what I feel like. And online dating is all that, but on an amped up schedule.

Perhaps that explains why the largest growth in online dating is booming with the youngest millennials and folks more than 50.

And I hope my man is also open to the world, new adventures and new emotions Also I would like to mention that perfect partner for me is the one who never betrays, who is very devoted to family and his dear people." I voiced skepticism for the usual reasons when I posted on FB, plus the only interest we shared was gardening. There was the one who wrote: "I was raised Catholic, but now I prefer to go to Christian churches." I was tempted by the woman who responded to a question about her profession who responded: I HAVE ONE.

And also the one who told me she was: "ecleptic in my taste." Tempted for sure. So readers, got your own online dating tales or tips to share with Philly Voice readers?

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