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Reply Rooting is not required for most of the main features – just a few of the social app monitoring features.

Everything else will work fine – but rooting is pretty easy so don’t let it put you off.

Anyway, thank you for your valuable and well thought out input.

I do believe you have helped other users especially any that have looked at some of the other spy software sites around. Reply Hi, I have a query re Android phones running OS 4.1.2.

How do we know you’re not an employee and just an unbiased reviewer?

You didn’t even cover some of the other more popular solutions like teensafe or mobistealth.

I just checked with the Sales auto-chat on their website and they told me it does support Android v4.2, and now I’m afraid that automated chat would be wrong ! Reply Yes this type is very accurate – it uses the phones GPRS signal for tracking. Your article is more of a sales pitch in my opinion.

If the backups are not already enabled you would need to do this on the actual phone – otherwise no physical access is needed. If you want to lose your money go ahead and try one.

Reply If I buy 3 months then what happens after 3 months any notification will pop up to the target phone?

How to uninstall the program from the target phone?

–As far as you know…there any of these spy softwares that can be used on Iphones without being jailbroken? I couldn’t get it to work on my unrooted tablet (but to be honest I’m not sure if the tablet is Androiid 2.2 or greater – didn’t check). Thanks Reply Hi Suzanne, Thanks for the nice review !

You mentioned that it supports Android OS up to v4.1 are you sure that it does not support v4.2, Jelly Bean?

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