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Likewise, Joseph wasn’t allowed to play out for a week after Thanaa detected him, through her app, half a mile from home when he was supposed to be off school sick.

She was at work, and he had been at home with the nanny but sneaked out for a game of football.

Unbeknown to any of her family, she had set up ‘family sharing’ on hers, his and their children’s phones, accepting requests sent by her to them, so she could use Find My i Phone to locate them‘I worry when Brianna is driving at night, as she only passed her test in May, so I plotted her progress along the roads on the little map that comes up on my screen until I could see she’d arrived safely home.’When Laura, a 46-year-old charity support manager from Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, downloaded the free Find My Friends app, which is just for i Phones, onto her handset three years ago, it allowed her to monitor her children’s every move. While they were sleeping, she opened the Find My Friends app on her phone, added the two of them from her list of contacts, and, when the tracking request popped up on their phones, she accepted it on their behalf, leaving them none the wiser.

The tracking app is very simple, and works with the help of GPS signals more commonly used to operate Sat Navs in cars.

L' Active X s'installe automatiquement lorsque vous entrez pour la première fois dans le salon, mais il se peut qu'Internet Explorer bloque son téléchargement (comme pour les popups).

Fair enough you want a bit of time on your own, but at least let us know where you are”,’ says Laura.Around three-quarters of people in the UK now own a smartphone, all of which have the ability to keep tabs on others via various apps.While there are no official figures as to how many of these apps have been downloaded, parenting website Netmums says their use is growing fast.Si vous ne voyez aucune de ces barres ou que l'installation des Active X ne se fait pas , c'est que les paramêtres de sécurité d'Internet Explorer sont trop élevés.EXEMPLE SUR INTERNET EXPLORER : vous devez cliquer sur 'Filtrage Active-X' Pour modifier les paramètres de sécurité de votre navigateur Internet Explorer : Cliquez sur Outils Si après avoir correctement insctallé l'active X, vous avez une page blanche (avec Internet Explorer 8) en arrivant sur le visio-chat: Cliquez sur sur l'icone représentant une page brisée en deux, en haut à droite.

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