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You will automatically be billed the monthly charge for the service (currently .95/month) unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period.

If you like the service you can add additional devices to monitor included in the monthly rate.

An app like “Find my i Phone” would provide the same information.

Web history did show me bookmarks that I know exist in my kiddo’s Safari browser, and I got some good insight into a few of the recent web sites she has visited. So to summarize, Teen Safe, while not perfect is one of only a few services that allow you to monitor i Messages on an Apple device without “jail breaking” the device.

kids grown up too soon as it is without all this technology!! My eldest is 8 and the internet is disabled on his DS.

I want to see what he is doing wide screen thankyou.

You may even want to use a media agreement and have rules in place.

For example, any account ID’s and passwords are shared with parents.

” Up until now I did not know of a way, other than checking the device.You can always, of course, do spot checks of your child’s phone or device to view their messages. Deleted texts in Teen Safe are not reliable just yet, in my opinion, so if that is the main reason you want to use the service, then you may want to wait for them to work out the kinks.If you have more than one device you need to monitor, if your teen uses Kik or Whats App, and if you are want to view i Messages, web history, location ad call logs all in one place, then Teen Safe might be a good solution for you.TIP: When I sign up for free trials like this for anything I set a reminder on my phone so I remember to call and cancel if I don’t wish to continue the service. Enter your child’s name, date of birth and state where your child lives. As you can see, for i Phone users you’ll need the child’s i Cloud information (apple ID and password).And you’ll also need your child’s Instagram username and password.

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