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Now apply this paste on your face and neck for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with water.

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We have produced health, diet and fitness information along with a large selection of health calculators including an ideal weight calculator which estimates the time taken to achieve your ideal weight and a calories burned calculator.

We also have a special body fat percentage section to estimate your body fat based on bmi, skinfolds or body dimensions.

Hi and thank you for the interest that you have provided to me today. I like to be active and to do things which make my life happier, such as fitness, listening...

If you are tired of wasting money on expensive commercial products then don't need to disappoint more because you can also have fair and glowing skin just by following some natural tips which really work even for men's skin.Lemon also helps a lot in getting rid of sun tanned dark skin.Lemon contains ascorbic acid due to which it can easily bleach tanned skin. Soak a cotton ball into the lemon juice and apply it all over your face and neck. Although Lemon is supposed to be a natural bleach but be aware that it dries the face.Avoid direct exposure to sun rays which is the main reason for over production of melanin.Try to wear clothes that cover your neck, arms and legs and wear shoes covering your feet while going out in the sun.

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