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I do not want someone who is waiting for my ambition to subside and my children to get away from me.

It is not that I do not know how to relax, but that I never want to be great at relaxing.

Sometimes we would rather have a hot stone massage from a total stranger than a conversation of substance.

The problem is, no matter how much we say we are here for you, we can’t be here for you only. It’s not a lie that we love you deeply and we do wish we could be yours alone, but we can’t.

Through a cancer diagnosis, kids’ injuries (all three were wrestlers) and challenging workload, she maintains her humanity and humor. In the time since my divorce, most of my first dates were coincidentally the last dates because I couldn’t wait to get home and call a friend or one of my sisters to laugh.

The following excerpt is a shortened version of Weldon’s chapter on the challenges of dating as a single, midlife parent, titled simply: Raising the boys alone without financial assistance or physical reprieve kept me occupied, if not impatient. “How often are your boys away for the whole weekend? “Never.” I noticed a perceptible shift in his demeanor. I liked being able to relinquish control, even if just in the restaurant ordering wine.

The idea of being close emotionally or physically with someone — anyone — was far too unsettling.

I said no, thank you, to any offers but took the compliment they extended and that was all I needed for a while.

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A man on a plane sitting in the row behind me and the boys — on our one and only trip to Disney World, because honest to God who in her right mind would go back — asked for my card and if I wanted to go out for a drink once back in Chicago. Still, meeting someone who was worth taking a risk on was nearly impossible.

“I took the bed, I took a massive 6-foot mirror, the dressing table, the lights, the curtain poles off the wall, the curtains, the rugs.

I took literally everything,” Clarke explained, per The Sun.

I guess I could have taken a chance on one of them and fallen in love.

But I dared not — the terrified of being fooled again thing.

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