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In which, Seokwoo is in love, Sanghyuk is a jealous hoe, Inseong knows everything, Jaeyoon will fight you, Youngkyun is whipped and in love, Taeyang is a shady bitch but we all love him, Juho is very done with everything, Chanhee has a weird brother complex or so they say, and Youngbin is an oblivious cutie.

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It represents the understanding and the manipulation of other quintessences relative to your own.

lancelicious: how is everyone doing on this fine daykkogayne: why am i on herelancelicious: cheerful as always, emo boykkogayne: excuse mesmidgeofnb: I’m glad you two are still flirting, but can you do it somewhere elsesmidgeofnb: lance didn’t just create this chat to flirt with keith I hope Or another chatfic no one asked for, but this time it’s set in the English school system because I understand English culture better seeing as I live here lanceylance: okay so obviously i’m romeocarrierpidgeon: romeo was a playerkogayne: yep so he’s romeo and i’m juliet, who’s paris In which the team is in high school, and Lance makes a group chat (ft. You name it, long hair, piercings, dark poetry, kids out of the ordinary..

college graduates Shiro, Matt, and Allura).(A generic bandwagon chatfic because why are these so fun to write???? Stick to the rules and Principal Armstrong won't send you to detention!

He is certain that the only thing that gets in the way of them and everlasting love is the fact that Min Yoongi doesn't know he exists, but that all changes due to one drunken text message: a pick-up line.

Ready to flee to another country under a false identity in mortification, he finds himself ruining their blossoming friendship and confessing when Yoongi asks why Hoseok had tried to flirt with him.

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