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As I sat on the floor atop a beaded cushion, delicately swirling a piece of bone-in quail over the nipple of mostly naked man, I felt profoundly awkward. The whole vibe of the night is decidedly bacchanalian, with just a touch of "Last Supper"-chic.Even with assurances from the woman next to me in a bra top and feather boa that my human dinner plate loved to be teased, I was unsure of how to interact with him. Leisurely divans and earth-toned Persian rugs lined the room while eager diners perched on either side, ready to begin their meal.After all, normalizing sexuality in all its forms is never a bad thing.

I stopped them after overhearing the woman tell her partner, “I want you to kiss someone else tonight, OK? “I get this weird crush when I see him flirting with another woman in all of his manliness.

I get to observe it as an outsider and it’s a really big turn-on for me,” she told me.“We communicate very well, so we find each other’s boundaries and maintain respect for each other,” he added, as if reading off a Woke Man script.

At this point, I was convinced that even if the crowd wasn’t all sex party enthusiasts, they were at least pretty well informed about the idea of consent.

But I was still curious about those "normal, average" New Yorkers and what brought them here.

While bobbing for spring rolls off the junk of a dude with Dev Patel-level dreamy hair, I posed the question to Rachael Emrich, 28, an actress.

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