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Abdul's parents died before I met him but his mother was the rock of the family.His father was put in prison for political reasons for several years when the government was overthrown and she was forced to find a way to support the family.The women stay separately and when the sheikh is happy that the duties are understood we all eat..not together.I invited my sister and niece Margaret to join me that day and then there were his sisters and we did it at the home his 2 sisters shared.

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I know that with Abdul's strong beliefs, it would at least ensure he would always be driven by unfaltering religious principles and I believe he always tells the truth and is trustworthy.

So we had the first dinner in May and had the marriage in August- very quick.

During that short courtship we only met with each other in public places. Many Muslim marriages are arranged and more than the typical Christian marriage survive the test of time.

I've been to a couple of other weddings and have included a few photos of the typical dress and henna that is customary for women to wear on their arms and sometimes feet.

So now life isn't much different than most American families except we entertain many foreigners.

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