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This phenomenon is true all across the country, but it may be particularly pronounced in the Garden State, whose proximity to the nation’s biggest city has caused it to receive foreign newcomers in much higher volumes that most of the country.These days, the most prominent ethnic neighborhoods in New Brunswick are Hispanophone, often of Puerto Rican or Dominican descent, and comprising nearly half of the city’s population.Greg: Welcome to this edition of Perspectives, our real estate series brought to you by Louisville’s luxury real estate brokerage, Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty. Greg: It sounds like you are not traditionally setting out 20 things that are going to be retail price that people walk in, grab, and walk out. I should take a step back and say that this was originally a showroom that started from a meeting of the Kentucky artist, Stephen Rolfe Powell, who is the internationally known glass artist at Centre College. I am Greg Fleischaker, your host, and today, I am joined by both Brad Meredith and Naomi Stuecker, co-curators at one of Louisville’s newest art galleries, Makers’ Crucible. This has a different sound to it than that kind of gallery. Luckett & Farley saw a show that I curated for him back in December and this whole relationship started by the Luckett & Farley team offering Stephen Powell a permanent showroom. Is this going to be some of his current work that’s on exhibit? Naomi: We chose Makers’ Crucible because we wanted to not only be a glass gallery.

Could this be another business run by a Hungarian American? And the word Roma typically refers to the Romani people—better known by the pejorative “Gypsies”. But it takes working off a hunch to even formulate these conclusions.

All in all, Magyar Bank has six locations in central and northern New Jersey.

The European immigrants of the early 20 century have assimilated and their cultural thumbprint has lost much of its definition, due in part to a population that is no longer as centralized as it once was, but also because newer waves of immigrants have taken their place.

In order to be open to the public, we have to create public restrooms down where we are in the lower level. We have the whole lower level of the Luckett & Farley building.

Certainly there are already bathrooms in the building and so right now we are open just Monday through Friday, during Luckett & Farley’s hours from to because we can’t really have the space open to the building yet. It is more so not nebulous but it is more so it is just more organic right now. We have just had the soft opening and soon as the construction happens, we will open the gift shop with us, which is what the fashion show is going to be associated with, and also studio space and workshop space. Happy to have you, obviously, in town, but why Louisville?

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