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He wants you to stay stuck in shame because this will keep you from worshiping and intimately knowing God.A big part of knowing God’s voice is learning to discern between God’s conviction and Satan’s accusations.When you feel guilty about something, how do you know who is speaking to you?God convicts us of sin for the sake of leading us to freedom.We will hit on the first of these today and pick up the other two tomorrow.SEE ALSO: How to Fight the Accuser in 3 Steps Step 1: Recognize the voice.

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Juli’s commitment to biblical principles, relatable style, and quick wit has made her a highly sought-after speaker.

Not only is Satan called the father of lies, he is also called the “accuser.” His job description is to make you feel guilty.

Revelations tells us that Satan accuses us before God day and night.

Our enemy taunts us for the purpose of keeping us in bondage.

When you discern the condemning voice of your enemy, remember that God would never cover you with shame. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Cor. Embracing God’s Forgiveness Have you ever felt like Satan’s words of accusations feel truer than God’s words of forgiveness?

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