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The information security landscape has continued to become more and more complex over the last decade or so, as the number of threats, and types of threats, has increased.Info Sec professionals must keep on top of these security threats and mitigate them as quickly as possible as they evolve.These technologies are commonly lumped together under the moniker of Endpoint Protection products.Note: There are a number of different features and technologies that are part of the complete endpoint protection suite.It involves ensuring that each of the devices that are managed has all of the up-to-date patches; this includes operating system (OS) patches and application patches.As many can attest, the simple lack of maintaining the patch level of a device greatly increases the likelihood of it being exploited.

Of the different potential targets within an organization, one of the most open to successful attacks is the endpoint, or in other words, the device an end user will use to access internal corporate resources.Most vendors generally include their antivirus solutions under the higher level anti-malware category, which includes not just the detection and protection from viruses specifically, but also worms, Trojans, phishing and a number of other threats that target a device or group of devices.MORE: Best Antivirus Solutions for the Enterprise There are a number of different methods that are used by these antivirus and anti-malware solutions to protect the endpoint from exploitation, some of these include: Configuration management is a fundamental part of any endpoint management solution, since the target of this article is not the configuration management solution itself, it will be covered at a high level.While this difference in potential access increases the end user's productivity and flexibility, it also increases the risk of potential threats to the organization.This article will take a look at what Info Sec professionals can do, and which technologies they can deploy, to decrease the risk of threats to the organization.

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