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Olivier Blanc suggests this was probably "Lespart", a member of the Gramont family. Mme Denis De Foissy, wife of Pierre De Foissy, receveur gnral des finances de Metz et d’Alsace.She became the mistress of Le Peletier de Mortefontaine.

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Thus, Sotheby's considered the pastels to represent M. He also thinks the male sitter too young to be the 22 year old M. Salmon suggests that the sitter was instead VLB's brother, Etienne, finding similarities to the 1773 St. Angela Demutskiy agrees with Salmon that the sitter is Etienne.

Georges-sur-Loire 15th October 1758), with whom he had seven children. "Comte de Jaucourt" Louis-Pierre de Jaucourt d’Espeuilles (1726-1813), son on Pierre Antoine II de Jaucourt d’Espeuilles, marquis de Naillac, and Marie de Vivans. She did not list a portrait of either of his sons, though in the early 20th Century, this VLB pastel was identified as the older son, Jean Baptiste Antoine Le Moyne (1742-1781), conseiller du roi, lieutenant de l’amiraut Port-au-Prince.

The sitter was marchal de camp et armes du roi, collaborateur l’Encyclopdie de Diderot, chevalier de Saint-Louis. In January 1982, Baillio suggested that the sitter was the younger son, Pierre Hippolyte Le Moyne (1748-1828). [For comparison, here is a portrait by Alexander Roslin.] Lived 1734-1811, President of the Academy of Arts in St. "Boatman Pulling his Craft towards the Shore," pastel, 11.7” x 15.9”, not signed or dated.

He married Sophie Gilly (died 1774), a cousin of Mme Prrgaux. [Identification and photo provided by Olivier Blanc.] "A lady," oil on canvas, 32 1/4" x 23 1/4". Jeffares and d'Arnoult are satisfied with the identification of the sitter as the older son. Sold at auction by Oger-Semont, 19 March 2007, lot 13, ,921. 39 states that VLB prepared a copy of a landscape by Joseph Vernet, sold in the 1778 sale of Mme de Coss.

In 1772, Antoine would have been 30, and Pierre 23. Does he mean the Vernet original was sold then, or the VLB copy? 1771 "Portrait of a Young Girl," pastel on blue paper, 15 3/8" x 11 3/8" (39 x 29 cm). Joseph Franois Charles Michel De Roissy, seigneur de Dennemont-Follainville, born 3/8/1751 was colonel de cavalerie, Marchal gnral des Logis et Armes du roi (1779) then Marchal de camp (1786).

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