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This taught her one thing: men make nearly 4 times the loot that girls do. Sarah was wrong about my income being 4 times hers, it was more like 2.5 times hers, but it was still better than starving and we were finally able to catch up on our bills. They don't outwardly believe it, but they seem to enjoy the "fantasy" that I'm a struggling straight guy doing gay cam shows because I need the money," I told her.

"You need to set up a cam," she informed me one afternoon. They can get guys naked in front of their web cam any time they want," I chuckled. The biggest side effect, however, was that we were now "talking shop" with each other as though it were a new coding language or design standard we'd learned together. "I will sometimes, for a price, put a requested item in my pussy and keep it there between shows.

We set up Sarah's laptop next to my PC in the dining room and did our regular daily shows together, but on separate cameras. The video we'd put in was a lesbian strap-on flick I'd not seen and it helped me to get and keep an erection.

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I had seen the dildoes, vegetables, panties, and lube lying around our bedroom and I was curious, but not really all that comfortable with it and jokingly let her know that I didn't want to hear about it. When the money finally began to come in, it wasn't nearly enough. I decided to set up the TV near my PC with the VCR and I rented some dirty movies.

It's not up to her," I insisted, still not eager to do it, but knowing how much it would help.

So we set a date and time with her, received her payment, and prepared for the show. We both had a few drinks and were joking with each other throughout. We had promised her an hour of masturbating together at her command, but specified that we wouldn't physically interact with each other. We sat together facing the keyboard at first, disrobing slowly while describing sexual acts.

Within a couple of weeks her subscriber list had grown to over 25 people and she was able to cut down on the amount of time spent on the free part of the show. That would solve a few of our problems," I said with a tone of concession that sealed the deal.

But she also had lost most of her inhibitions about nudity and was usually walking around the house in lingerie or a bathrobe. We set up a cam for me in the dining room and started looking for clients.

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