Updating code explorer tree

Source Control Explorer is available in both Visual Studio 20, but isn't opened by default when working with a project managed in TFVC.

You can open the Source Control Explorer window: You can also use the command prompt to manage your files in TFVC. A: If the Not mapped link appears next to Local Path in a folder that contains files you need to work with, you can choose the link to map the folder. See Create and work with workspaces A: To toggle the folders pane, choose Close in the upper-right corner of its title bar, or, in the Source Control Explorer toolbar, choose Folders.

A: If Source Control Explorer is not showing the latest data on the server, from the menu bar, choose File, Source Control, Refresh Status.

A: The Pending Change column displays your pending changes to an item.

It also provides the ability to trigger between different color modes by clicking on the color string at the top of the picker.

The picker appears on a hover when you are over the color definition in a document.

Additionally, large files will never travel to our web worker, which computes diff information, link detection, or word based completions.

This helps in reducing the memory pressure on the operating system.

Some of the optimizations will impact all files, although the effects should not be noticeable for small files.

Two releases ago, we introduced a new Emmet implementation ("Emmet 2.0").

During it's preview, users could opt-in and try new features such as showing Emmet abbreviations in the suggestion/auto-completion list and multi-cursor support for most of the Emmet actions.

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