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Since two parameter-long calls return this you can easily chain multiple calls to the object methods like in j Query.

For more usage info, namespaces and lots of examples see the comment before this method in the source code.

Find examples and up-to-date information in the extensively commented source code.

Function signatures with zero or one arguments are omitted for brevity. File Drop class calls this automatically if an upload was triggered by an unsupported browser (neither Firefox nor Chrome-based).

File Drop simplifies and uniformizes this access across different borwsers.

upload, see input option) some browsers including IE 6-10 and Opera will keep last selected file in the input after upload which will prevent the user from uploading the same file twice in a row (this doesn’t apply to drag & drop uploads).

When enabled, this option will let File Drop recreate the file input thus resetting file selection.

Unlike File API events that let you decide what to do with the file — read, upload or descrad it — was changed according to onchange event.

There’s no way to make sure it was populated or retrieve any info about the file — this can only be done by the server which may return something useful in response.

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