Validating null value in oracle sql

This process took more than 4 hours to finish and generated a huge amounts of archives.

2nd Approach (i didn't test it, i think this is slower than the 1st approach.

So, in this case the insert might do as much as the delete.

Oh, and it also handily kept the old data set handy in case of a screwup.The Ask TOM team is taking a break over the holiday season.Thanks for being a member of the Ask TOM community. This year we've answered over 2800 of your questions and followed up on 3500 reviews. Tom: We have a 6 millons rows table and we need to clean it. My first approach was create a SP with this lines: SET TRANSACTION USE ROLLBACK SEGMENT Rbig; DELETE FROM CTDNOV WHERE CTDEVT IN (4,15); (1,5m rows) COMMIT; Then I submited a job to run the SP at night.NO log on that, just move the data to a new table, drop/rename old/new, create indexes as fast as possible without log. Each partition will use its own rollback segment, each will run in parallel.case3: partition the data so that you can do a DROP partition instead of DELETE. in general, if you delete a million records, you are going to put them back sometime won't you.

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