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Witnessing and countering in the vile hatefest that the Flickr Help Forum has become this past week has also been interesting.

Simply for expressing my opinion in a public feedback forum on the new design, I’ve been called a shill, a troll, a sock puppet, a scrotum sack, and many things far worse that I don’t really feel like printing.

One Flickr staffer had to actually turn off public comments on his Flickrstream.

“You are going to hell,” was the comment that made him turn them off.

Despite a loud, vulgar, disrespectful chorus, by a small group of torch and pitchfork type haters in the Flickr Help Forum, I’ve wondered how the larger Flickr community has felt about the site changes.

There is little civility in a forum taken over by the ugliest and most vulgar of what the web represents.

This was within minutes of the change as implemented on Flickr. It is Flickr photo number 8,776,546,808 (you see this number in the url of the photo).

Next, I went and looked at a recent photo uploaded today. This photo is upload number 8,855,853,505 So roughly between today and the changes made by Flickr, users have uploaded almost 80 million photos to the site.

Thanks, Marissa Mayer, for making Flickr awesome again.

Thanks also to the Flickr team who have worked so hard to roll out these changes.

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