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He also gigged with the disco cover band Shag as a trombone player and back-up vocalist.Enrolling at The Art Institute in Vancouver, he studied audio engineering. Lacey says that going back to last season, Hok “was actually my brother’s friend before he was ever my friend.” And Hok says the relationship between the two dancers, who were never paired, developed slowly. “Alright you caught us.” Fellow dancer Lauren Gottlieb gave them up, telling Access’ Laura Saltman, “there is Hok and Lacey, I think they are official and I think they have been official,” while Sabra Johnson and Neil Haskell also confirmed the relationship.His song "Without You" premiered on MTV's series The Hills.His music was also featured in other series like Samurai Girl, General Hospital etc.It was with his 2014 hit single "Million Ways" released on 2 September 2014 that he gained popularity and following becoming his then most successful charting single on Billboard Canadian Hot 100 giving him three simultaneous hits on the Canadian Hot 100.

In 2013 He collaborated with DJ Poet Nam Life and Chebacca on a song called "Laser Ray", released on Listen Deep Records.John Rhodes, a director of HOK’s Sports Recreation Entertainment practice, met with Jamie Roberts (Wales), Tim Visser (Scotland), James Horwill (Australia) and Danny Care (England) to capture their ideas, both as players and fans.From the impact of fans on the game itself, to the frustrations of rival changing rooms, the players offered key insights while Rhodes shared innovative design solutions, including fiber-optic turf and glass roof seating, that could soon be common in stadiums.The Exhale Project is located at the 140 West Plaza in downtown Chapel Hill, North Carolina.The sculpture represents the dispersion and evaporation of water, expressing the hydrologic cycles of the environment.

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