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“I’d catch frogs and Mike would put the frogs in his mouth and walk over to people and talk, and then the frogs would jump out. He generally did it when there were women on the set who were standing off to the side, staring at him without a shirt or something.

He’s say, ‘Hey Half-Pint, go get a frog.’ They’d always scream,” she remembers.

As she put it to Natalie Morales in a second TODAY appearance Tuesday, “I don’t know if [I] rebelled so much as tested the waters — swam against the waters.“To his credit, I never saw him get drunk, I never saw his personality change,” she said. “He was an amazing man, an amazing talent, an incredible director, actor, writer, a great boss, an incredible human being,” she said. But at the time it was devastating.” Gilbert went on to have an alcohol-fueled marriage to actor Bo Brinkman, who became the father of her son, Dakota, now 20.Young love Gilbert dated Landon's son, Michael Landon Jr. After he had numerous affairs, the couple divorced.“When he connected with you felt special.” Landon’s gift for working with child actors especially impressed Butler. For nine years, the world knew Melissa Gilbert as her “Little House on the Prairie” character — pious 19th-century farmer’s daughter Laura Ingalls.

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