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Assistant District Attorney Steven Moore said women identified in the court documents only by their initials said Kohut 'has a specific desire to have sex with a mother and a daughter.'Moore also wrote that Kohut pressured the women to find children for him to abuse.

Karen, 55, who is believed to be taking a break from the medical field during her husband's troubles, was watering plants with a friend outside her .8million harbor front home when Daily visited There's no suggestion in the court papers filed Thursday last week that Kohut sexually abused his own children and police told Daily on Tuesday that there's no indication he abused any of his hospital patients either.

The 'devoted' wife of a California brain surgeon accused of sexually abusing several children and seeking to impregnate women to create 'taboo' sex families is standing by her man - with a close friend insisting: 'He's innocent until proven guilty'.

Married father-of-two Dr James Kohut, 57, was arrested on May 14 while celebrating Mother's Day with his long-time wife Karen, who is also a successful doctor.

The four-bedroom house in an upmarket area of Santa Cruz, northern California overlooks a boat harbor and is two doors up from the Santa Cruz Yacht Club.

Karen chose not to comment on her husband's charges, but when asked if her and her husband were separating, Karen herself answered: 'You need to find out that information from him (Kohut), not me.' A friend of Karen told Daily that the successful OB-GYN has always been a 'devoted' wife, despite Kohut's shady past Karen and her husband had shared the home for the past two years before recently moving to Arkansas so Kohut could take up a new surgeon's job.

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He has been charged with 11 counts of child abuse spanning two decades, including sodomy, lewd acts with children, forcible lewd acts with children, and other related offenses involving at least seven minors.

This comes as Daily has learned that loyal wife Karen also stood by her husband even after discovering he was cheating on her with several women about four years ago, including a young nurse he worked with.

Friends of Karen argue that her loyalty for Kohut is misplaced, especially after he cheated on her several years back.

Sharon O'Hadley, a friend who lived across from the couple for ten years in their former home in Soquel, told Daily Mail.com: 'Karen is such a sweet, lovely person, very quiet, while he is arrogant and talks down to people.'I remember around four or five years ago they separated because he was cheating on her.'He had young girlfriends, he was always going after the young nurses.

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