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As a single young adult I found Martha's insight perceptive and her advice precious.I was glad to finally read about a more pure and wise way to handle my relationships. It not only helped me to understand the damage that has been caused in my own life by dating, but gave me information on how to prevent those things from happening with my children.One in 10 respondents said it took them over a year to finally tell a new partner about their mental illness.Perhaps that’s why websites like No Longer (an ‘online social community for adults with mental illness’) exist. Although it represented an immediate place of acceptance, it also made me feel that I was having to define myself by my illness.‘ve decided that it might be time to venture back into the dating zoo.A few weeks ago I sat down to write an online dating profile and thought ‘How hard can it be?

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She and her husband, Allen, are the parents of seven children, five of whom are still being schooled at home.Besides writing, Martha conducts workshops about teen relationships.She and her family live on a farm in rural Illinois.c.2000 God's desire for young relationships is clearly presented in this Biblical and practical guide for parents.Imagining that he was going to be more trouble than he was worth, I buried the relationship before it had even died.So I know that prejudice exists on the dating scene – I dished some of it out myself.

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