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It is a non-progressive disease and in my case affects my whole body, however I am totally independent and can drive a car.

Sarah Batten and Steve Major who found love through the Outsiders organisation But today, as I meet them in the lounge of Sarah’s Thornbury flat, it’s clear that Cupid finally found the pair.

I had heard of Outsiders a number of years ago by seeing an advert in DN Magazine and thought what a good idea not seen that before, however, I had just finished a 7 year relationship ( living together for 4 of them) and thought no I’m not ready!

(a usual reaction at the end of a relationship) I decided to give the dating lark a miss for a while and didn’t give it or Outsiders another thought.... I’ll call her J for now, said, come on you misery, come to Outsiders Lunch at Birmingham with me.....

As over the years I had tried other options including Online Dating but for some reason it wasn’t working, so I must admit I was sceptical and after quite a lot of persuasion, I thought what have I got to lose.

On my first visit I was greeted amongst others by Norma, with a friendly and welcoming... and “believe it or not” I did notice in the far corner, Sarah, she looked up and with just one smile I was hooked (the saying “at first sight” sprang to mind.. ) However, it later turned out that she had made the 2.5 hour trip from just outside Bristol to meet up with another member and not knowing how serious it was, I carried on chatting in the sun with the other members, on the way out to the car J said what do you think? I tried to play it cool and said I might, as there was someone I had spotted, she grinned and said who’s that then, with a smile I said nothing and left it at that.

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